Kenan Schaefkofer

Software Engineer

Kenan Schaefkofer is a software engineer with passions for games, music, math, and open-source software. This page highlights several personal projects built by Kenan over the years, most of which can still be enjoyed today. You can find his professional experience in his resume.

Personal Projects


A not-just-arbitrage trading bot that monitors multiple prediction market and forecasting platforms and executes trades based on the best available discrepancies, taking into account the fees, liquidity, and accuracy of each platform and contract. Manifold Profile


Browser extension to add a badge to users who hold the top positions on permanent markets (AKA "stonk markets"). The badge could indicate they are "Aba's #1 Fan", or "AI Singularity's #3 Critic" if they hold a large position either long or short. Download


Lightweight realtime LV2 additive chiptune synthesizer with Unity Audio Plugin integration. This plugin was built in C and C++ to provide low-latency audio for MIDI events in a Unity project integrating music and gameplay. Designed from the ground up with an MIT license to permit commercial use. Pictured here as used in LMMS. Download

Hymn Singer

Provides full sheet music and in-browser accompaniment for hundreds of carefully typeset songs. Individual part volumes can be adjusted to learn by ear. Every page provides viewing and downloading of PDFs, PNGs, lyrics, MIDI, MP3, and even a slideshow! This ambitious project combines Lilypond, Jekyll and frontend UX. Check it out


An Arduino-controlled autoharp chord mechanism permits thousands of chords, while other autoharps max out at 21. The Arduino reads presses from a keypad, and maps them to a chord like B♭ or D♯m(add2). Two 8-bit shift registers control 36 solenoids in order to dampen the unwanted strings. Download


An in-browser card table for playing arbitrary tabletop games with friends, made with a Flask backend and jQuery/ frontend. No rules are enforced or automated, but decks, dice, and private hands allow players to play as they would in real life. Developed before Kenan realized Tabletop Simulator was a thing. Download


Loopsichord is a digital instrument for mouse and keyboard, featuring looping, colors and visualizations. It takes the layout of a piano into the second dimension by stacking diatonic scales, with related keys adjacent. A great way to play and discover that the key of C is no more fundamental than its peers. Download


A college final project in C, this 1-2 player survival arcade game packs some depth for its minimal SDL graphics. Prepare for crates, missiles, powerups, and more as you strive to color the shifting arena. Download


A 2014 high school project, this quiz bowl buzzer hub manages timekeeping, lockout, and scorekeeping. Built with Python, Tkinter, Raspberry pi, and 3D printed buzzer assemblies. It was practice in learning, building, and tweaking a design based on stakeholder feedback. Kenan's high school used the system for its hosted tournaments. Download


Command line treadmill-style speed reader, with a focus on comprehension, written in Python with ncurses. Just a fun little project, with some over-the-top bells and whistles to please all the CLI enthusiasts out there. Download